Mississippi Wedding & Boudoir Photographer


Not just a wedding photographer -

but your next best fran!

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What do you have to offer over everyone else?

Well of course .. me! ;) 

My team and I wear every hat in every color and size from the beginning of your wedding inquiry to the day we deliver your photographs and sometimes even years later. Wedding planning can be stressful for some or smooth sailing for others ... Whatever the case may be, I don't expect you to have all of your stuff together when searching for the perfect photographer. But, I can reassure you that I will be there to help guide you through your wedding day if you were to hire me. I've done this more times than I can count. When you hire me for your wedding day, you get more than just a photographer. I'll be your back up, right-hand woman when you need help. All the way from trusted referrals, dress fluff-in, stand up comedian, & so much more. You are investing your hard earned money and heart into me, so I am investing back into you - 100% 




I have absolutely loved working with MBM photography! They make you feel like you have a best friend to take your pictures. Me and my husband were shy to the extreme but she still made us smile and get beautiful pictures!!!! She and her second photographer were absolutely wonderful!
- A & C




Who's behind the camera?

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