The quick version? 

The names Meghan with an "H." Things I love? My family, Glitter, Cupcakes, Candles ( I could fill an entire room with my candle obsession ) Black clothes, Drama/Sci-fi shows, Potatoes, 90's Rock - Red Hot Chili Peppers all day every day (My 11 year old loves them too - I think I'm winning at parenting on that one.) Animals of any kind but, I do love me some doggies and last but not least - weddings. Anything and everything about them. I like to study them, and I love to photograph them. It's an odd obsession, but it's my jam. Everything you see here today is all self-taught. I never went to school for this BUT, I have learned under a few very successful photographers throughout my years of photography. I started off as a family photographer nine years ago and slowly merged into weddings about three years ago. I found my love for weddings after the first one, and it's only progressed from there. 

When being asked to talk about yourself can be so nerve-wracking. And let's be honest...by now you can probably tell that writing is not my strongest quality. But, I get it. Like I've said before, you are investing in me, so I am investing in you. The first step to that is for us to gain trust. Which is also such a hard thing to do in this lifetime. But, I can reassure you that I am very trustworthy. I brought this business up from nothing. I was a 15-year-old pregnant, drop out with no job, no life goals and on a pretty rough path. But, my husband (high school sweetheart/baby daddy) and I conquered every statistic there was about us. We grew together to become something for our daughter. And damn did we succeed! I am very proud of my growth and this business that I created. So, with that said - You can count on me. Why? Because you are investing in my business, my life, my other child. That means a lot to me, and you already earned a special place in my heart trusting and believing in me so for that I will do everything I can to succeed in all of your expectations. - Keeping it real