Sweet, Short & Simple.

My name is Meghan Lynch. I love Glitter, Cupcakes & wearing black. I have a wonderful husband and a pretty rad 10 year old daughter. We have 2 fur children and a hamster. I am a Self-Taught photographer based out of Hattiesburg, Ms at the moment but my hometown is in Biloxi, Ms where you can find me almost every other weekend.

I have been photographing people for about 6 years now. Photographing people and their emotions is my jam. I am such a people person and I enjoy meeting and making others around me happy. So that involves a lot of me being goofy and tons of laughing. I will dance when I get a great shot, I will undoubtedly trip at least once and I will secretly happy cry during weddings. I love to work with Natural Light and I love to shoot for the moments and details. Wedding's are my passion. I just enjoy the energy and all the love shared on a wedding day. Being a Self-Taught photographer has been simply amazing and I am extremely proud to say so. Everything you see here today was by me through endless sleepless nights, lots and LOTS of coffee and studying and more. I strive to better myself every single day.  I love to travel so please consider taking me away with you ( desperately want to travel more ).   

There is so much more to say about me but I guess I can hold off until we meet in person and create beautiful images together. Let's set a date and be friends!

Back story

Lets talk about SEAGULLS....yes Seagulls! Can you believe the photograph you see below is the photograph that started this entire journey for me? Yup. My stepdad took me to the beach one day and we took photos of seagulls. When I printed these images my parents (overly) boasted about how amazing it was and how proud they were of me from this very photograph... The way they reacted and how happy they were lit a fire inside me. Seeing them that way made me soooo happy. So I knew from that day at the age of 12 that this is what I wanted to do forever. I wanted to feel this way with everyone I crossed paths with. I wanted to bring happiness to them like I did to my parents..