Legacy Albums

If there is one certain thing, it is a wedding or engagement album. Albums have been around for such a long time, and you never have to worry about those going obsolete within a few short years like VHS or CD's that some hold their wedding images on. By choosing to purchase a Legacy album, you can be sure your photographs are preserved no matter how much things change in technology today. To hold your memories in your hand is so much more satisfying!

Our Legacy Albums are a beautifully handmade album that are professionally put together piece by piece. A one-piece wraparound cover design, photographic and press papers with thick pages. Your images are mounted flush to a 1/32" board, offering a streamlined, modern look with the option of four different cover choices with like leather, velvet or metallic and multiple color options!

Pictured here - 8x8 SAMPLE - Marble Leather album.

Pictured here - 8x8 SAMPLE - Marble Leather album.

DSC_7412 copy.jpg

8x8, Up to 20 Pages - $380

10x10, Up to 20 Pages - $470

12x12, Up to 20 Pages - $580