Meghan - with an H ;)

My name is Meghan Lynch. I love Glitter, Cupcakes & wearing black....allllll the time! I have a wonderful husband and a pretty rad 11-year-old daughter. We have 2 fur children and a hamster. 

I have been building my talent for about seven years now. Photographing Families and Weddings and documenting their emotions is my jam. I find happiness by interacting and meeting new people and always making others around me smile in some way. So that involves a lot of me being goofy and tons of laughing. I will dance when I get a great shot. I will shout YEAZZZZZZ when you are killing it during our session and I will secretly happy cry during weddings. 

Wedding's are my passion. The icing on my cupcake or the butter on my toast! I honestly feel that I was born to document love stories....I went a little dramatic there, BUT I do enjoy the energy and all the love shared on a wedding day. It's a rush of emotions and small and big things happening all at once, and it is such a thrill. I try to create a story when photographing everything whether it is short and simple or big and lavish. My goal is to create your story through my lens. 

Things I am proud of today? My family, My life, Reaching Goals and living my dream. Everything you see here today was because of the Support I had from friends and family standing beside me. Always pushing me to do my best and keeping me going. The encouraging words from my parents, my husband spending so much on my first camera because he believed in me, my sister driving me to shoots on her days off because I was scared of driving ... true story! I conquered that fear. Or when my friends believed in me and started paying me because they appreciated my dream. It is so crazy how far we have come in just seven years. I am extremely proud to say I am a Self-Taught photographer and no shame in my game. Everything you see here today was by me through endless sleepless nights, lots and LOTS of coffee and studying and more. I strive to better myself every single day. I learn something new every single day, and I am eager to keep growing and improving myself to make others around me happy. 

I could keep going on, but now it's your turn! Let's meet for coffee and create beautiful images together. Let's set a date and be friends!


Those disposable camera dayyyys when I thought I was the bomb .... but HEY! That dream and motivation grew to where I am at today! ;)