Wiggins Ms, Family, Lifestyle Photography | The Schaugers

Every session I approach I try my best to capture those real, raw moments! I try to avoid posing as much as possible. I may start off with a pose but I love to capture those moments in between when they feel awkward sitting there so prim and proper and then bust out with a belly laugh...those are the moments I crave for! EVERY session with the Schauger family I know for sure I will leave with tons of those moments. The laughs, the silly faces and all. This is what a true family session is like with kids. Crazy, Rambunctious and so much fun! That is a perfect session in my eyes. Ones like this that emit so much love and happiness. These are the moments you will miss the most when time gets away and you will appreciate these captured moments down the road and can remember how much fun it was that day. Mom losing her shoes, Drew taking a face dive to the dirt and Gage hearing the "wolves". I truly love this family and their energy. I wanted to share them with the world! 

Enjoy.  =)




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