Wiggins Ms, First Wedding Anniversary | Mr. & Mrs. Dunaway

It is always a pleasure seeing and getting to capture more memories of your past clients. I had the honor of photographing Jerica and Nathan's October wedding of last year AND now their FIRST Wedding Anniversary this year! I have to say this session is one of my favorites to date! Whatever could go wrong...did that day BUT we had so much fun, shared laughs and got to ride a hay ride...? Funny moment... Nathan thought this ride was going to take us to the LAND OF PUMPKIN GALORE .... but it just took us in a BIG circle instead and brought us all the way back to the beginning when we were originally in the middle of the patch! ... Thanks Nathan! Haha. But really it was so much fun. I am in love with every image here and I had to make a blog post about this because I wanted to share every image at once!!

Thank you Williams Family Farm for sharing your property with us and your kind hospitality.


Happy Anniversary Jerica & Nathan!