Hattiesburg Ms, Photography | Just for FUN!

When you immediately click with someone who you just met who also shares the same dreams and are interested in the same industry as you...what do you do? You shoot! =D

Brit and I both just upgraded some of our gear and had to take it out for a spin. We ended up finding a super awesome, creative and talented model to join us for the day and play. I mean Caitlin Rocked this shoot from beginning to end! We decided to just go all out and be fun and crazy together. Just learn with one another and have fun! Here are a few photos from the session and a few behind the scenes of Brit getting her jam on in manual! 

Thank you, Caitlin, for volunteering your time and being patient with us while we figured out our new gear. =) 

A well deserved High Five moment because Brit shot the entire session in Manual! Woo Hoo! I am so excited to see how far she will take all that I could give her from this experience. <3 <3 

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