My team and I loved enjoyed your company!

I hope that you love your end results as much as we loved working with you! 

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I would love the opportunity to share a few images from your session if you are comfortable with this? If so, some of your pictures will possibly be used for marketing purposes, for example, Instagram, private online galleries and, etc. for future boudoir bookings.

It can be super hard booking boudoir sessions without the awesome support of all of my past boudoir clients for trusting me in sharing some images from their sessions. With that said I WILL NOT be upset if you choose not to let me share. I understand completely as to why and respect your choice. 

I want to note that any images used for marketing will NEVER show full nudity. We pride ourselves in tasteful boudoir and never want to expose you and your body. Only beauty shots are typically shared as you can see from our Instagram.

Below you will find a form that I will need you to fill out. Once you send your form back to me, I will then proceed in drawing up your contract to complete the process of me sharing your images or not sharing your images. A contract must be in place for either choice.

Please note, if you do not wish to have your images shared I will be removing your pictures from my files within the next thirty days for liability reasons unless you ask otherwise. So please ensure that your pictures are backed up in multiple places (USB, Computer & a private online cloud.) Once the images are removed from my galleries and files, they will no longer exist.

Thank you!

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We respect your privacy and choice. =)