Yay! Your message has been sent & You are one step closer to a perfect wedding day!

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Whats next?


1. I read your inquiry, get all the feels and excitedly respond back to you within the next 15 minutes to 24 hours. (most likely within minutes unless I am driving!)

2. We will email back and forth a bit. I get a little more in depth of what I have to offer while listening to all of your needs.

3. Once you feel I am the one and you just CAN'T live without me on your wedding day (Ya girl got high hopes!) I will send you a Wedding Contract along with an invoice to save your date so no one else can take me away! You sign and pay electronically - Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

4. Once all of the above have been completed then I will ask you both out on a date so we can meet face to face, vibe, laugh, share stories and get to know one another while we further plan your wedding experience.

5. Then we celebrate with an engagement session and impatiently wait together for the big day! 



Things you may be curious about?

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