Pine Hills Floral Design

I don't want to drag on and make these post super long so, with that said, let their work speak for itself! But, I would like to add - Rachel of Pine Hills is absolutely amazing! She specializes in floral wedding designs and delivers work better than you can imagine! I love, love, love their quality of work, professionalism and so much more! Take my word for it. Reach out to her and be amazed! ;) 

PINE HILLS FLORAL DESIGN | Mississippi Wedding Florist

Just a few behind the scenes of Rachel and her talented ladies preparing for a wedding. 

Let's all take a moment and admire the atmosphere surrounding the inside of Pine Hills .... Pine Hills nursery! Oh, and her cozy, private consult area to plan all of your wedding dreams! 

Florist - Rachel Bond - 228.669.7900 -

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