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Who’s behind the camera?



The names Meghan with an H. Things I love? My Family, My corgis, Crossfit, Candles ( I could fill an entire room with my candle obsession ) Black clothes, Potatoes, 90's Rock - Red Hot Chili Peppers all day every day (My 12 year old loves them too - I think I'm winning at parenting on that one.) I'm currently trying to fill my home with every plant possible. Dogs usually steal my heart and last but not least - weddings. Anything and everything about them. I like to study them, and I love to photograph them. It's an odd obsession, but it's my jam. 

9 Years in this bizz!

Everything you see here today is all self-taught. I never went to school for photography BUT, I have learned under quite a bit of very successful photographers throughout my years. I originally started off as a family photographer nine years ago and slowly merged into weddings about three years ago. I found my love for weddings after the first one, and it's only progressed from there. 



Wedding Photo Bucket List

I'm pretty sure if you offer any of these during your wedding day I would love you long time and probably be SO stoked that I may just burst and do something great for you! 

1. Under water engagement session. 

2. Green House Wedding.

3. Llamas or Goats at your at your wedding.

4. Mountain Top Wedding. 

5. Canoe, kyack or boat engagement session. 

6. Wedding at the Zoo.

7. A floating lantern Send off.

8. A Themed Wedding: Harry Potter, Masquerade, Halloween.

9. Campfire Reception

10. (More will be added)