Hey there! My name is M E G H A N. I am the person behind MbM Photography. ( Short for Memories by Meghan ) The one you will speak to from the very beginning, and hopefully, you will choose to have shadow you throughout this exciting journey in your life! 

A quick few bits about myself - Everything you see here today is all self-taught. I never went to school for photography. However, I can say that I have learned under quite a bit of incredibly talented photographers throughout my years. Who kindly showed me the ropes and helped me blossom into who I am today. I proudly like to say that I am self-taught because, as most entrepreneurs and artists like myself, we all start with little to nothing in life. Growing up was hard, and the struggles were real. To be able to look back and say I DID THIS! It is so rewarding. 

Wedding photography is my full-time career, and I am happy to say that the year 2020 will be my ninth year in this biz! I originally started off as a family photographer and slowly merged into weddings about three years ago. I found the love for my first one in 2016, and it's only progressed from there. As of 2019, I have photographed over 90+ weddings, and I can't wait to experience more!  

Other random things about me you may be interested in -- Crossfit lover but also cake is life soooo. I have a candle obsession that can fill an entire room. I am a sucker for black clothes, even in the summertime. I could live off of potatoes, nachos, and salsa. I am currently trying to fill every inch of my home with a plant even though most of them die, and I hate to admit that. My husband is my highschool sweetheart going on fifteen years now. We are like a young married couple (soon I can't even say young anymore!) We have a pretty rad 13-year-old who is equally the both of us combined, and it's kind of scary. She stole my looks and her dad's attitude. Now that she is " Independent " and no longer needs me, I draw my attention to my two corgis who I'm obsessed with. They are my babies since my actual baby is too grown for mom smothers! 

The Photographer 



The team

When an additional photographer is needed.
It is bound to be one of these gems alongside of me throughout your wedding day.

Alabama, Wedding photographer.
Spunky, Bold, Attention to details like no other & always fun to be around. Her presence can light up a room and her talent is incredible! 

Louisiana, Wedding photographer.
Friendly, Heartfelt, & Motivated. Her talents are incredible, she's hard working and driven and her passion shines through her work.