Are you tired of feeling like you don't meet society's beauty standards? Do you want to embrace confidence and feel good about yourself? Well, my friend, you are in the right place!

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and I want to help you see that too. My boudoir sessions are here to empower you and help you embrace your unique beauty. Hopefully, with my help, you can begin your path with more confidence and feel beautiful every day. We all deserve to feel this way! 

Challenging Societal Beauty Standards and Embracing Confidence!


Book the dang session. When I did, I just wanted to have fun. I had no idea how much it reminded me of WHO I AM. This reminded me that even though I’ve felt unwanted for so many years, I will no longer allow myself to feel that way. This session isn’t for other people. It’s for you. It’s for the single mom who needs a boost. It’s for the married woman who’s lost herself and needs to feel sexy again. It’s for the person who may be feeling like crap about themselves, and they just need a reminder they are beautiful JUST the way they are. Book the session, y’all. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I want to thank Meghan so much for just being you!


I am still sitting here in literal disbelief. Like y’all, nobody can tell me that I don’t look hot. I have scrolled through my pictures repeatedly, and I am just amazed. I have never felt more confident. Sexier. TRUTH: I birthed babies. Breastfed. Gained weight. Lost weight. My body has been through a lot. I am proud of it, but I still have my insecurities. I didn’t know how these pictures were going to turn out. I thought I should have waited until I lost weight or got a boob job. I AM SO GLAD I TOOK THE LEAP. I feel so beautiful and sexy when I scroll through these pictures. I didn’t zoom in trying to point out flaws. I was just in awe. The entire experience was just amazing. I never felt insecure, intimidated, or overwhelmed. I got to loosen up after a while, and a bad-ass shoot happened! I feel so damn good. 


⁠I recently took the plunge & did a boudoir shoot! OMG OMG! Seriously the most empowering thing I have EVER done for ME!⁠ I had the most amazing time getting to pick my outfits leading up to it, having my makeup done by the wonderful Robin & having Meghan capture, guide, & help me navigate this wonderful journey of SELF-LOVE! I have NO idea what you are waiting on but, if you have yet to do something for YOU this is your reminder to do it. ⁠This is exactly what I needed to give back to myself, take some self care for me, & have some reassurance in my own skin!⁠ ⁠JUST DO IT!! Regardless of your shape and size, you are beautiful and it’ll make you feel incredible, powerful, and empowered. I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable in my own skin before! And having Meghan seriously hype me up the entire time was the icing on the cake yall!

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  • Professional Makeup On-site w/lashes
  • Up to Two Hour Photo Session
  • Professional Posing & Editing
  • Online Guides for tips & planning
  • Client Closet Access to our wardrobe

Each session begins with a consult via email or phone. Whichever you prefer, this way, I can get a feel for your needs and how I can best customize your session to fit you. It's all about you! Most collections offer:

Boudoir Sessions begin at $600

What's included?

I will send you a "How to prepare guide" on this topic to help you prepare for your session. However, simply put, I do have a client closet you are welcome to use. To be on the safe side, I do request you bring at least two lingerie pieces of your own just in case there are any fitting or style issues.  

What should I bring with me? 

Yes, but I keep it natural-looking. I follow the two-week rule: If it's not there in two weeks, it will be removed, including blemishes, bruises, etc. Wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks will be lightened, but I never remove them unless requested. 

Do you retouch skin? 

Yes, your privacy means the utmost to me. Unless you have signed a full model release with me, your images will stay private. Images without a signed model release will not be stored and will be wiped from my hard drives four weeks after delivery. 

Will my photos remain private? 

I know your nerves are at their highest peak leading up to your session, so yes, you can bring a friend for moral support. However, there are rules. Your friend has to be 21+, and you can only have one friend accompany you. The studio space is not very big, so the fewer guests, the better. We also request that you give us a heads-up if you have company joining you. 

Can I bring a friend for support? 

The entire experience (if you include hair and makeup) can take up to three hours. However, the shoot alone can take about an hour to an hour and a half. 

How long will the shoot take? 

All of my boudoir sessions in Mississippi take place in my private studio located off Highway 49 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Unless upon request and an extra travel fee, boudoir sessions can be held at Airbnb, hotels, or a private property location the client has chosen and accommodated for the shoot. (California Clients - boudoir sessions will be held at local Airbnb's or hotels.) 

Where do your boudoir sessions take place?


Let's do this! 

Our studio is located in Downtown Gulfport, MS off Hwy 49. We also offer Airbnb bookings for the Bay Area of California. We offer a luxury boudoir experience with an in-house professional makeup artist and a client closet for our clients.