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What to Wear for Engagement Pictures


If you have made it here, you are probably wondering, ” What on earth am I going to wear for my engagement session? ” When it comes to what to wear for engagement photos, I gotcha covered! This small guide will help with details, color palettes, and how to make sure your engagement photos represent both of you and the location your session will be held.

Here are three things I keep in mind while helping my clients plan their outfits for their engagement session.


Let’s start with color – You do not have to match! Find pieces that coordinate instead. Choosing the same color in both of your outfits can be a bit boring. We want your photos to feel alive! So if your partner is wearing blue, what compliments blue? Grays, whites, greens. Or if you’re going for a pop of color, throw in some red? Which brings me to BOLD.

Patterns, hats, bow-ties, jewelry, diamond-studded boots, velvet dinner coats! Whatever your heart desires! Don’t be afraid to show off your true self through your style.

((Patterns are always best as your “pop.” Consider only one wearing a pattern and your partner wearing something solid, so you don’t clash too much.))

However, if you are not much for loud colors and bold things. That’s okay too! Try finding a balance. For example, you can wear dark colors, and your partner can wear light colors. Balance.

((Maybe instead of bold prints and colors, you can consider texture?))

Movement – Having movement in your clothing choices makes a HUGE difference! Those tiny details can bring any photo to life, whether it’s your hair being worn down, flowing in the wind, or your dress catching a breeze while you are twirled in the air. Having something flowy always brings drama and full of life and feeling to your photos. So try to find movement with dresses, considering if it’s not miserably hot in Mississippi, wear your hair down? Here are some great examples of movement from past sessions.

Location – Where your engagement session will be held will play a big part in what to wear. For example, if your session is being held at a beach, consider cooler tones like navy blues, soft pinks, whites. Is your session taking place in the downtown area? Consider patterns, textures, bolder colors like deep reds, black, etc. Here are some examples in different settings from past sessions.

Tips – Bring two outfits to your session! One casual and one dressy. That way, you have a variety of looks in your gallery. Here are some great “casual” ideas from past sessions. Jeans, t-shirts, skirts, etc., are always great. 

I hope this guide helped you a bit while planning your outfits for your engagement session?

If you still need help deciding on what to wear and have a session booked with me, please reach out! If you haven’t scheduled a session yet and want to, you can reach out to me here!

xo, meghan

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